Explore and protect nature with ECOline products

Designed with nature in our hearts

We at TYRCHEM love nature and that is why we bring you products which combine environmental compatibility and high functionality. Features of ECOline products:

• water-based, means water is used as carrier of active ingredients instead of organic solvents.

• environmentally compatible ingredients, the ingredients have been selected considering biodegradability, renewability and environmental impact.

• PFC free, the product are 100% free of per- and polyflourinated compounds (PFCs).

• VOC free, the products do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with exception of FONAX L containing very low amount of VOCs (only 4%).

• APEO free, the product are free of alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEOs). FOR OUTDOOR eco, designed with nature in our hearts.

ECOline products FOR

What are PFCs, VOCs and APEOs and why should we care?

PFCs is the name of large family of per- and polyfluorinated
compounds, from which the most common are C8
PFCs (PFOA and PFOS) and C6 PFCs are increasingly used
as an alternative to C8 PFCs, apart from having two carbon
atoms less in the structure the C6 PFCs are almost
the same. PFCs are higly persistent, bioaccumulative and
are considered toxic. PFCs can be found in soil, air, water
and animals including humans. PFCs can enter the
human body by consumation of contaminated food and
water, inhalation of contaminated air as well as by skin
contact with materials treated with PFCs. Effects of PFCs
on human health have not yet been fully elucidated, but
are linked to many health problems including immune
and reproductive system damage, liver damage, and increased
high blood pressure.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) represent a major
class of air pollutants. VOCs can enter the human body by
inhalation or contact with the skin. VOCs are associated
with many health problems such as liver and kidney damage,
central nervous and respiratory system damage and
cancer. In addition, these substances also contribute to
the formation of photochemical smog.

Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APEOs) are surfactants used
in a wide range of products for their emulsifying, dispersing
and detergent properties. The vast majority are NPEO
(nonylphenol ethoxylate) and OPEO (octylphenol ethoxylate).
APEOs are poorly biodegradable and accumulate in
the environment and animals including humans. APEOs